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Projects in the SW Grong District

Apart from Skiftesmyr and Godejord, MetPro holds an additional two exploitation permits and two eploration permits in the SW Grong District. The total coverage is 36.9 km2. Several already known base metal mineralizations are present within these permits.

MetPro AS's projects in the SW Grong District


All four of the permits cover the stratigraphic sequence of Godejord and Skiftesmyr and provides excellent potential to increase mineral resources in the area. Several base and precious metal mineralization outcrop on surface which has not been drilled. Finnbu is an old Zn-Cu deposit where test mining took place in the early 1900’s. The size of the deposit is uncertain but according to NGU the known mineralization is in the range of 100 000’s tons1). Continuation of the Finnbu deposit has not yet been sufficiently explored.

MetPro AS has performed airborne TEM and TMI over the SW Grong District which confirmed the prospectivity of the area. Both the TEM and TMI measurements show large anomalous areas. With the aid of new geophysics and geological/structural mapping several highly interesting targets have been identified.

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