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Environmental considerations

MetPro is committed to maintaining high standards in all aspects of exploration and mining in Scandinavia. The Company is particularly focused on maintaining high Environmental Standards which conform to, or exceed those required to obtain permits to operate in this area. Historical mining operations in the region provide important information and background regarding their impact and the Company will apply this knowledge in its environmental work. People in the region also have a long term exposure and a good understanding of the Industry and are expected to be mining friendly. Geological mapping and re-processing tests to date have demonstrated that the deposits can be easily treated and that waste from the beneficiation is easier to treat than waste from more complex ores. The deposits however are located not far from one of Norway’s most important salmon rivers, Namsen, and future work has to consider the interests from landowners and other organizations.

The protection of environment plays an important role, when searching for ore deposits as well as when preparing for and developing a mine. Rules and regulations set forth by the Norwegian mineral law regarding the environment include;

  • a permit by landowners and the municipal authority, allowing motorized transportation,
  • safety plans regarding the operations, and
  • an environmental plan for minimizing the negative impact from operations on the terrain/environment.

The environmental plan, based on environmental impact studies, must comply with the requirements of the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency. MetPro has started baseline environmental sampling in anticipation of positive economics from ongoing exploration on the Skiftesmyr and Godejord deposits. This work will facilitate the application for Environmental permits in a timely manner and coordinated with the project engineering and financing.