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Skiftesmyr geology and structure

Plan section over Skiftesmyr with geology and drillhole traces.Skiftesmyr has been affected by four deformation events, D1 to D4. This has produced a very complex structural history of the mineralization.

                                                                                                                      A long section over the Skiftesmyr Deposit

A simplified sequence of the main mineralization consists of three main geological rock units. Stratigraphically below the footwall is a chlorite, epidote and carbonate rich mafic volcanic containing smaller amounts of disseminated sulphides (pyrite and pyrrhotite), displaying pillow structures in places. This unit is in contact with the immediate footwall composed of a keratophyre, at first with albite-chlorite alteration that grades into a quartz-sericite-talc and albite altered variation with varying quantities of chlorite and sulphides. The hanging wall is composed of mafic and intermediate tuffs, which are partly fine-laminated and contain disseminated sulphides (pyrite and pyrrhotite). Intermediate rocks of lava/intrusive character also occur in the hanging wall as well as thinner bands of unaltered keratophyres. Stratigraphically above the hanging wall the chlorite, epidote and carbonate mafic volcanic appears again, indicating a repetition of the stratigraphy. A magnetite bearing laminated mafic tuff acts as a good marker horizon and can be traced throughout the area.

Vertical section over the Skiftesmyr deposit. Only one hole, Hole 19, targeted mineralization below the 300m depth limit applied in the new Resource Estimate. Hole 19 intersected massive sulphides over 100m down dip of the Resource, at a vertical depth of approximately 400 m and confirming additional down-dip Resource potential, which is highlighted by the red dashed lines.

Skiftesmyr has been affected by four deformation events all related to compressional pure shear during the Caledonian orogeny, D1 to D4. This has produced a very complex structural history of the mineralization. D3 and D4 are interpreted to give the area its regional expression while D1 and D2 are today displayed in smaller scale.

In Skiftesmyr Chalcopyrite (copper) and Sphalerite (zinc) occur in a pyrite dominated massive sulphide body. The mineralized body occurs as a folded continuous sheet with varying thickness and is known to a depth of 400 meter. The mineralization is still open.

MetPro AS has in the fall of 2013 completed a NI 43-101 compliant resource calculation. As of march 2017 Skiftesmyr goes under an exploitation permit, valid until 2027.

Skiftesmyr, grades

The Indicated mineral resource at Skiftesmyr is a total of 3.51 Mtonnes with 1.0 % Cu, 1.5 % Zn, 0.1 g/t Au and 2.5 g/t Ag. The inferred resource is a total of 0.57 Mtonnes with 1.0 % Cu, 1.6 % Zn, 0.1 g/t Au and 2.7 g/t Ag. Results are presented in the table below. As a reasonable cut-off for this resource estimate a grade of 0.5 % Cu has been selected.

The mineral resources at Skiftesmyr on October 25th, 2013, reported at a 0.5% Cu cut-off.
Resource category
Tonnage (Mtonnes)
Cu [%]
Zn [%]
Au [g/t
Ag [g/t]


Historical work done on Skiftesmyr

The deposit was explored by Grong Gruber, using geochemical sampling in 1971-73 as well as geophysical methods in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Furthermore, diamond drilling was carried out by Grong Gruber/Norsulfid during the periods 1973-77 and 1980-92 in order to expand the resource. Silver and gold assays are sparse. Braddick Resources Ltd. carried out a pre-feasibility study in 1996.
Out of 75 holes, MetPro has so far been able to confirm 63 holes, covering more than 11,000 meters. The longest drill hole to date is 493 m and is the only hole to target a depth extension below the 300 m level. It hit ore grade mineralization.
History of geo-related work
No. of holes
Length (m)
Geological mapping, geophysics,
1971-1973, 1989, 1993-1994
Geological mapping, geophysics, drilling, Metallurgy, resource calculation
Grong Gruber AS
Geophysics, drilling, resource calculation
Norsulfid AS
Geological mapping, trenching, pre-feasibility study
Braddick Resources Ltd
Geological mapping, trenching, airborne geophysics, NI 43-101
MetPro AS