We shall explore and prospect for metals and minerals that can create value for business and society

Business idea, targets and strategy

MetPro’s business idea is to create shareholder value by pursuing cost effective exploration programs in order to identify, develop and mine profitable base and precious metal deposits in the Nordic countries, in the short term mainly in Norway. MetPro intends to exploit deposits by starting mining operation under its own management or in cooperation with other companies, alternatively sell all or part of the deposits.

MetPro’s targets are to:

  • To increase the known resources by means of core drilling.
  • Start a mining operation in the Grong District.
  • In due time start further mining operations in additional deposits under own management or in cooperation with other companies, alternatively sell all or part of these deposits.

MetPro shall, based on the Company’s strategy below:

  • Establish an appropriate organization in terms of size, skill profile and experience of exploration and mining.
  • Develop the properties into mines in a well planned order of priority.
  • Use the best consultancy companies in the industry with a solid financial position, effectively identify and develop base and precious metal deposits.
  • Make sure that the permits with regard to environment and other government matters are handled in a professional manner, with appropriate advanced planning to ensure sustainable exploration and production.
  • Ensure that the Company at all times has adequate funding.
  • With the shareholders’ best interests ensure that;
    • identified and developed reserves are exploited efficiently and profitably, or divested at optimal prices,
    • identified and developed reserves, which are exploited, deliver end-products of high quality on a global market.