We shall explore and prospect for metals and minerals that can create value for business and society

Background and history

Mining has been going on in various forms in the Nordic countries for more than 1,000 years. Excellent mining and minerals expertise, an efficient infrastructure, a stable political situation and well-functioning legislation create favourable conditions. Scandinavia, and in particular Norway, is still underexplored, creating significant potential for finding new deposits. The availability of venture capital has increased in the wake of rising commodity prices and structural changes in the mining industry. In addition, the mining industry, as a result of technological development, has become increasingly effective.

The Company was incorporated in March 2007. By applying modern methods and reviewing already compiled data by other well-known mining companies and institutions, the Company has identified a number of high potential projects.

Two of these holdings, Skiftesmyr and Godejord in the Grong municipality, are resource projects with known NI 43-101 compliant and historical resources.

Exploration has been performed in Skiftesmyr and Godejord by a number of companies for the last 100 years. In the 1970’s exploration was carried out by Grong Gruber1). At the beginning of the 1990’s exploration was conducted by Outokumpu/Norsulfid1) and the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU). Outokumpu owned Skiftesmyr and Godejord at that time. In 1996 Skiftesmyr and Godejord were acquired by the Norwegian Mineral Venture (NMV)2) and the Norwegian consultancy company, Geologiske Tjenester Norway Gold Exploration.

In the same year NMV entered into an agreement with the Canadian junior company, Braddick Resources Ltd., to carry out a pre-feasibility study. Braddick concluded not to start mining in 1996 due to the low base metal prices at that time. The prices of base metals have risen substantially since that date, increasing the potential profitability manyfold. In 2010 MetPro obtained the two exploration permits Skiftesmyr and Godejord, in order to finalize the mining plans, etc and start the mining operation.

1) Owned by Outokumpu as of 1986.
2) Based on a Joint Venture agreement between 1052544 Ontario Ltd., currently part of the Canadian junior Baltic Resources Inc.